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Gateway Church Network

Spiritual health is key to church growth, but healthy churches don’t happen by accident. They are nurtured over time by intentional and passionate pastors and leaders who practice Christian leadership, spiritual formation, and biblical decision-making.

Thankfully, God did not intend for us to do the work of ministry alone. That’s why it’s important that we join together to reach as many people who don’t know Christ as possible, and disciple them to do the same.

We need each other, and we would be honored to serve and walk alongside you as you courageously and successfully serve the Lord. The truth is, we’re all on the same team. And in the battle for souls, together we will win.

Pastor Robert Morris

Lead Senior Pastor

Gateway Church


We believe God has set you as the singular head of the ministry, and that He will surround you with a team to help you fulfill the vision and implement it in service to His people.

Therefore, we desire to support you by offering:

Spiritual and emotional support for ministry through mentoring, coaching, encouragement, problem-solving, guidance in crisis management, consulting, and strategic planning;

Leadership skills training, as well as reinforcement for the systems and structure of your church through targeted leadership development events and roundtables;

The opportunity to discover and share best practices, mutual encouragement, prayer, and pulpit exchange within the context of interactive peer relationships;

Relational access and membership with like-minded people who meet our application criteria and commit to the member covenant;

Connection with one of our Network staff ministry team members to serve as support and act as a liaison for connection with Gateway Ministry after the member application process is complete.


We affirm the autonomy of each local church for ministry vision, governance and oversight.


We affirm the New Testament model of apostolic and prophetic ministry for the support and work of the local church.

We will work to support and develop apostolic covering and prophetic expression within each Network church.

We affirm that the relationship with each church is established through the senior pastor.

If we have connection with the congregation it will be because the senior pastor has opened the door for the relationship by introducing us.

If we have connection with the staff and elders it will be because the senior pastor opens the door for the relationship by using our services to grow his staff and organization.


Relational Connection and Support

Counsel, connection, and personal pastoral support
Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management
Opportunities to participate in global kingdom efforts together
Licensing and Ordination

Targeted Leadership Development Opportunities

Weekend Experience
Vision Development
Systems & Processes
Staff Development
Budget Development & Reporting
Freedom Ministry
Global Ministry/Jewish Ministry
Gateway Resource Network

Organizational and Ministry Consulting

Building Upgrades, Expansions & Campaigns
Multisite structure and support
Eldership and Church Governance
Best Practices

Advanced Organizational & Ministry Training

Strategic Planning*
Elder Training
Secret Shopper*
Pastors’ School*
Pastors’ Marriage Retreat*


*Additional fees required

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