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Global Trips Leader Training

Have you and your church been wanting to plan a missionary trip? We have video resources that may be able to help you get started! Learn how to prepare your mission trip leaders with a biblical perspective traveling to various countries around the world!

These videos contain a lot of critical information about the different cultures that you will encounter to the given places you go to, as well as the different religions around the world. You’ll get a lot of information from a spiritual perspective, but also, and equally as important, practical information that will help you every step of your way!


Why We Go ⁄ How We Choose Partners

This video gives you an overview of the heart of these mission trips that you’re about to embark on. Charley Elliott takes you on a very practical journey on how to get your vision ready for the whole trip.

How to Engage Others on Your Journey to the Mission Field

Fundraising can sometimes be a challenge for a lot of people. David Rivera has a different mindset and wants to show you all the other benefits of fundraising as you navigate all the resources of your mission trips.

World Religions Overview

There are unique dynamics when it comes to culture and religions. This video goes into detail about the key differences between all the world’s major religions.

Latin America ⁄ Catholicism

Latin America is rich in culture and their religious background goes deep. Jacobo Ramos goes into detail about ministering specifically to this region.

Asia ⁄ Hinduism and Buddhism

Josh Lebel goes into the history of two major world religions Hinduism, and Buddhism. He goes into detail about their history and what the best approach is for missionaries to be able to communicate with people of these beliefs.

Africa ⁄ Tribal Religions

In this video you will learn the religious and cultural norms from the tribal regions of Africa. Chase Willsey takes us on a journey through this fascinating continent.

Europe ⁄ Atheism

Europe is rich in history, especially religious history. Paul Rupert goes into detail on what you can expect to encounter on your next trip to Europe.

Israel ⁄ Judaism

Greg Stone shares his knowledge about the people, the land, the God, and the Bible of Judaism. Watch this video to learn more about this fascinating culture.

Middle East ⁄ Islam

One of the largest religions in the world, the Islamic religion and culture have deep roots. Learn some more about their culture and religious views on this video.

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