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Heal and Find Freedom

How to Heal and Find Freedom

You were created to live the abundant life that Jesus promised to those who follow Him. This is about more than joining Him in heaven one day, it is living the victorious life He intended for us to live on this earth. But, to access that promise you must understand that freedom isn’t about getting you out of your mess. It is about removing all the barriers that keep you from a more intimate relationship with God. Kariors is a curriculum designed by Gateway Church to help you heal and find freedom. During Kairos, we set aside time to invite the presence of the Lord. We learn tools that help us identify and break these barriers in our lives and help us stay in His presence to maintain our freedom long-term.

Each of the 6 sessions contains:

  • Opening Worship Set Video
  • Session video with built-in breaks for activations
  • Closing Worship Set Video
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Teaching Notes
  • Student workbook

Gateway Resource Library encourages you to use all of it, including pressing play on the lesson videos at your church for your classes, or use the attachments and handouts as you make the teaching your own in a live setting. Our heart is for this to serve you in whatever capacity you need.

Heal and Find Freedom Topics Include:

Session 1: Understanding Freedom
Before embarking on your freedom journey, it is helpful to have a greater understanding of what exactly freedom in the life of the believer is and what purpose it serves. During the first session of Kairos, you will get these answers along with a greater understanding of how freedom is found in a relationship with Jesus.
Session 2: Inner Healing, the Next Steps in Finding Freedom
Healing your brokenness begins with acknowledging you need Jesus’ help. But, in order to do that, you have to first be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to highlight the areas of unresolved pain and suffering in your life which need His healing touch. Inner healing is the first step in the process of freedom and begins the work of identifying the roots of why you continue to experience difficulty in certain areas of life.
Heal and Find True Freedom
Freedom and Healing Can Happen!
Session 3: Breaking Curses
Everyone needs freedom. No matter who you are or how long you have been saved, if you are alive, then you have either believed a lie or experienced something that has kept you from the true freedom Jesus offers. This session will help you identify the words spoken over your life that have held you in bondage and gives you the tools to break free.
Session 4: Forgiveness

As you continue to learn how to heal and find freedom, you will want to take your time on this topic because it can be the most freeing. Unforgiveness blinds us from seeing the truth of who God really is and all He has done for us through Jesus. During this session, you will address the impact unforgiveness has in your life, discover who your true enemy is, and identify the steps necessary to allow Jesus to bring healing to your spiritual sight.

Heal your Heart
Heal and Find Freedom
Session 5: Deliverance
In this session, you will learn how to recognize oppression in your own life and how to break free from bondage.
Session 6: Heal and Stay Free

During this session, you will review what it means to abide in the Word and gain practical steps to continue your freedom journey.

Heal from your past hurt

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