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The Importance of Easter

Churches, how are you going to convey the importance of Easter to your community?

Easter Service Checklist:

Sermon Notes and Prep

Easter weekend is one of the most important holidays in the Christian faith, as it celebrates Jesus’ resurrection three days after his crucifixion. For pastors, planning an Easter sermon can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Pastor Robert Morris has provided many helpful sermon notes to assist pastors in their preparation for this special weekend.

Pastor Robert Morris, Senior Pastor at Gateway Church, recently quoted the legendary Jack Hayford when saying, “It takes the same amount of work to prepare a sermon for 200 people as it does for 2,000.”

The Importance of Easter Free Easter Sermon Prep

The importance of Easter weekend and the celebration of Jesus offers Christians a time of reflection and renewal for many, in which they can start fresh and begin anew. Pastor Robert’s teaching notes, transcripts, and discussion guides provide invaluable guidance in helping pastors craft meaningful sermons that will speak to their congregations. Through Gateway Resource Library, pastors can find the inspiration they need to effectively convey God’s message while still staying true to the unique style of their church.

Worship Sets

Gateway Worship Easter SetsFree Worship Sets

Pastors need to ensure that their sermons and services during this season are planned and executed in a way that honors Jesus Christ, the risen Lord. An Easter worship set can be a major asset in this planning process.

The importance of having an Easter worship set cannot be overstated. It’s the foundation in which a worship team ushers in the presence of God and invites the congregation to praise whole-heartedly their Lord and Savior.

Kids Ministry Easter Curriculum

Kids Easter Curriculum Free Kids Easter Resources

There is no better time than Easter to remind children of the power of faith and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. As pastors, it is our job to teach these valuable lessons in fun and engaging ways that will make an impact on the lives of our kids. That’s why Kids Ministry Easter Curriculum is such an important tool for your church! With curated activities, color sheets, and lessons, this Kids Ministry Curriculum makes it easy to introduce the good news of Easter in a way that resonates with young people.

Volunteer and Altar Ministry Training

As this checklist of Easter “must-haves” continues, a pastor may feel overwhelmed by staffing limitations, which is why it is essential to have volunteers in your church because they provide invaluable help for the ministry. Not only will you want friendly volunteers helping Easter weekend, but you also want to be sure there are plenty of volunteers ready to pray after the altar call. Get your volunteers ready for the busiest weekend of the year with these volunteer and altar training resources!

Holy Land Stock Footage

Holy Land Stock Footage Wow the crowd with Holy Land Stock Footage!

To wrap up a power-packed Easter weekend, a pastor will want to include a wow factor, whether that’s an extraordinary guest experience or an eye-catching presentation including footage from the Holy Land, be sure to add a special element that guests will never forget.

Happy Easter and remember HE IS RISEN!
The Importance of Easter Weekend

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