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Joel Garza

Associate Director, Digital Products

Joel Garza Staff Bio

About Me: I have a cat, so yeah, I am single. I have been part of Gateway since 2007 and part of the worship team since 2008, and now part of the Gateway Resource Library team since 2019. I have loved experiencing the growth of the church in strides, and I have loved how God has expanded Pastor Robert’s reach all over the world. Truly amazing to witness!

Briefly describe your role: I do a little bit of everything! Mostly copy-editing and copywriting, uploading resources, campaign work and some marketing, some social media, some art direction, and lots of flexibility. Right now, my main focus is helping with the Gateway Legacy Library.

As a child, I wanted to be: an artist. Didn’t know what kind, just sort of always wanted to create.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy: tending to my over 200 plants, or hanging out with friends, or painting, or photography, or singing, or writing, or going for long walks.

I collect: Plants. 

Favorite TV Show: Parks and Rec

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given: “Always let a dog sniff your hand first before you go to pet it.”

If I could talk with any 3 people, it would be: Beyoncé, Joel Houston, and Jesus (not like I do now while I pray, but like, we-go-out-to-a-restaurant-and-eat-Mexican-food-and-talk kind of talk).

The one (nonspiritual) thing I can’t live without is: food.

Associate Director, Content Development

Associate Director, Partner Relations

Associate Director, Content Development

Associate Director, Partner Relations

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