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An Interview with Pastor Robert Morris and Benjamin Netanyahu


Since its founding, Gateway Church has maintained a heart for the Jewish people and a commitment to pray for the peace of Israel. Pastor Robert recently had the honor of interviewing former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his service to God’s people and his new autobiography, Bibi: My Story. During their talk, Netanyahu shared his conviction to be a beacon of truth when few others are willing to take a stand.

“As Israel’s prime minister I had one goal: to protect the Jewish people and Jewish state because I think it is the embodiment of biblical prophecy.” –Benjamin Netanyahu 

Bibi: My Story
engages readers in vivid details of the Prime Minister’s journey as his family navigated the wake of the Holocaust, Israeli elite special forces, immeasurable losses, international terrorism, and modern politics—all laying the foundation for Netanyahu to become the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s history. He weaves his personal story with the history of Israel and the Jewish people, giving readers a deep and personal insight into the leadership, conviction, and courage of one of the world’s greatest leaders.


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