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It is the vision of Pastor Robert Morris, Jimmy Evans, and the Gateway apostolic team to provide ordination for qualified ministers. This ordination is the spiritual authentication so many ministers crave in today’s world of detached leadership. The key difference in what others are offering and what the Gateway Network is offering is summed up in one word: relationship. At Gateway Church, we believe every minister needs to be relationally connected to someone who can “watch for their souls” and be a friend along the arduous journey of vocational ministry.


Who can be ordained?

Gateway ordains only senior pastors and lead 5-fold ministers who are currently active in our Gateway Church Network. They, in turn, are empowered to license their staff as they deem appropriate. It does not fit within our mission to hold licenses for large numbers of ministers outside our local expression.

What exactly is being offered?

Pastoral Ordination: to function in the senior role of a local church.

Apostolic Ordination: to function as an overseer of an apostolic network or fellowship.

How do I qualify?

Education: Gateway reserves the right to hold a certain academic standard. This will be assessed case by case and may include further online, classroom, or certification courses. The King’s University (TKU) is our partner in providing this requirement if deemed necessary.

Experience: Gateway will assess present ministry circumstance and previous experience.

How are candidates approved?

All Gateway ordination candidates will be approved by our apostolic leadership team. This team will function as one voice and will provide final approval for all candidates.

What is the timeline for acceptance?

We ordain candidates each year at Gateway Conference. This will be preceded by an acceptance period Aug 1-15 after which we alert all approved candidates of their final acceptance.

What does the actual ordination ceremony look like?

All Gateway ordination candidates will be ordained with laying on of hands by our Apostolic Team. This ceremony will serve to individually authenticate as well as publicly validate each candidate.

How long is my ordination valid?

The Gateway ordination certification received at ceremony will have a 3-year relevance period. At this point, no further ceremony is needed. However, reevaluation and renewal will be required every 3 years if renewal is desired.

Gateway Church Network Ordination Application

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