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Staff and Volunteer Development


Simple Methods to Help Individuals Grow!

Our heart is that every person on staff and volunteer teams at a church would grow into an effective, biblical leader in the areas of spiritual, professional, and relational leadership. We hope that they would love God (spiritual), love people (relational), and be good stewards (professional). This volunteer and staff development course offers practical tools to help develop you into the leader God has called you to be!

Gateway Lead has been divided into 4 series, each with multiple video lessons, including Leadership Foundations, Spiritual Leadership, Relational Leadership, and Professional Leadership. We want to walk you through both what it means to be a leader and how to lead effectively.

Volunteer and Staff Development Series Topics

Volunteer and Staff Development

Leadership Foundations
First, we start with concepts that every person must know in Leadership Foundations. This series includes an overview of things like Pastor Robert’s heart on character & integrity, our Social Covenant, our culture, and what makes Gateway – Gateway. Additionally, we’ve included a guide to Gateway’s immense amount of resources.

3 Pillars to Volunteer and Staff Development 

Next, we’ll go into practical resources for leadership in the three pillars that make up a Gateway Leader which are: spiritual, relational, and professional. This section is called Leadership Resources, and we designed each of these series to act as a “field manual” to be used any time you need it.

Volunteer and Staff Development

Spiritual Leadership
Perhaps you’re going to be leading a prayer meeting with your team and want to see what leadership resources we have for that. You can pull up our Spiritual Leadership section and find videos like Hearing from God, How to Pray, Obedience, God & Family, Teachability, Full of Faith, Blessed Life, God Does the Work, and Sabbath.

Relational Leadership
Or maybe you oversee a volunteer or employee who is struggling with unintentionally coming across as abrasive or hard to talk to. You can point them to the Relational Leadership section to watch videos on Unity, Empowerment, Emotional Intelligence, Servant Leadership, A Leader People Will Follow, Love in Action, Full of Grace and Truth, and Accountability.

Professional Leadership
Let’s say you’re feeling some tension with your oversight and need to know how to approach that in your next meeting. Our Professional Leadership section has resources on Authority, Attitude, God-Ordained Speech, Staying in the Word, You are an Ambassador, and Chief Reminding Officers.

In conclusion, whether you’re struggling in an area of leadership, need a refresher on a certain topic, or you just want to walk your team (or yourself) through different aspects of leadership each week, this Leadership Resources section will be an invaluable pool of knowledge in the areas of spiritual, relational, and professional leadership.

“Leadership is about creating leaders. The Bible is the first place that talks about leadership in a broad sense in Exodus 18 – Jethro told Moses to teach the people the way they must walk and the work they must do. The way they must walk is character. We need to teach them first character, and the work they must do would be how to do it. If I were developing leadership things around here, I would (first) teach on character. Next, I’d teach the why and then the what and the how. We would then go into some practical and specific things on leadership, depending on which area they will serve in. Most importantly, the first thing I would do is teach them character.”


Pastor Robert Morris

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