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3 Ways to Engage Your Church Congregation

3 Ways to engage your church congregation

As summer gives way to the bustling school year, a new season is upon us. With people returning to routines and establishing fresh rhythms, seize the opportunity to utilize small groups, discipleship classes, and volunteer training to engage your church congregation.

Explore how these tools and resources will empower your congregation to propel their faith journey, find purpose, and foster meaningful connections within your church community.



Small Groups
Small Groups: Foster Meaningful Connections
Small groups are the heartbeat of a church community. Encourage your members to connect and engage by joining a small group that aligns with their interests and spiritual needs. We have a Small Group Leader Training to help your staff and volunteers prepare to lead a small group on any discipleship topic!
Discipleship Classes: Nourishing Spiritual Growth
Discipleship classes offer structured learning experiences that delve deeper into the tenets of faith. We have ready-to-use discipleship series on many topics, including freedom, stewardship, marriage, evangelism, sabbath, prayer, and more! These classes empower participants to engage with scripture, develop critical thinking skills, and apply their faith to real-world situations. These series are great to use in a classroom or small group setting!
Volunteer Training: Building a Strong Team
Volunteers who feel connected and valued are more likely to serve with enthusiasm. Organize training sessions that equip your volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to the church’s ministries. From altar ministry and teaching children’s classes to serving in outreach programs, volunteers become essential partners in creating a nurturing and impactful church community.

Just as individuals return to routines, invite them to also return to a deeper connection with their faith, their purpose, and the embrace of a supportive church family.


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