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Heart For Worship with Pastor Robert Morris

Heart for worship with pastor robert

At Gateway Church, one of our highest values is the presence of God in worship. Worship is not just the precursor to a message or event but an integral part of gathering together and a way to have an intimate encounter with Him. During worship, people hear from the Lord, feel His love, and become more aware of His everyday presence.

In this series, Pastor Robert Morris shares his heart for worship and answers common questions for pastors and worship leaders. This series includes multiple videos in each session and handouts to use as a study guide for personal reflection, in a class, or for your small group.



worship, pastor, robert morris
Session 1: History and Vision
  • Listen to how Pastor Robert’s personal worship experience before Gateway, shaped the vision of worship that we still pursue today.
Session 2: The Relationship of Worship

Listen as Pastor Robert answers these questions:

  • What would your encouragement be to those who find it difficult to express themselves or feel held back during worship?
  • What does your personal quiet time look like, and how does it influence your heart before you go into public ministry?
  • Can you explain the different forms of the Presence of God and how they relate to worship?
worship, pastor robert
Session 3: Prioritizing Worship

In this session, Pastor Robert answers these questions:

  • What has God been revealing to you about worship during your Sabbatical?
  • What role does the anointing of the Holy Spirit play in our pursuit of excellence?
  • In a service, does your upcoming sermon distract you during worship, or what is going through your mind?
Session 4: Staying Grounded

Hear how Pastor Robert answers these questions:

    • What would your encouragement be to worship leaders who struggle or are on the edge of burnout?
    • How do you balance the pouring out that happens in ministry on the weekends with the routine, day-to-day responsibilities?
    • How do you stay grounded amid the temptations of the platform like money and recognition?
worship, pastor robert
Session 5: Leading Others Into Worship

Pastor Robert answers these questions:

  • What is your heart for our teams as we lead people from the ‘shallow end’ to the ‘deep end’ in worship?
  • What would your encouragement be for our writers who are seeking to write songs that connect people to God?
  • What does it mean to be presence-driven rather than performance-driven?

As you dive into these resources, may you be inspired to cultivate a deeper connection with God’s presence in worship, fostering not just an event, but a transformative encounter that resonates in every facet of your life. Together, let’s continue to seek His presence and experience His love through the beautiful act of worship.


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